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Xinxiang Xinjichuangxin Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the main printing & packaging machine manufacturing companies in china,specializing in the development,production and sales of printing equipments.Xinovo possesses the pioneering super large format offset printing press,unique specification,advanced technology with independent intellectual property and leading market share.

The company adhering to the “create the first brand of domestic large format printing machine product ”concept, including the 103, 118, 130, 142, 145,162 and other format single-color, two-color ,four-color, five -color, six-color printing machine nearly 30 kinds of specifications. Products are mainly used in the packaging and printing industry, such as beverages, household appliances, tobacco, liquor, cosmetics, fruit boxes, toy boxes and other packaging box printing, and can provide users with complete sets of solutions.

The company is the vice president of Henan Packaging Technology Association,the member of the National Printing Machinery Technical Committee, and the enterprise technology center in Henan province. It has strong R & D strength and has more than fifty patents.The company has nearly thirty thousand square meters of production base, including more than 100 sets of vertical grinding machine, machining center, the three coordinate measuring machine (sets) of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment manufacturing capacity, with an annual output of 250 sets of CNC printing and packaging equipment.

Xinjichuangxin  is a young modern creative company,but with profound history.Xinovo inherits the technological superiority and production experience of state-operated Xinxiang Machine Tool Factory with 70-year history of precise machinery manufacturing,which was originally a key enterprise directly under Machinery Ministry.

In 2013,Xinjichuangxin starts the cooperation with German experts,trying to realize the goal of Building The Leading Brand For National Large Format Printing Press,as well as presenting perfect solutions to large format printing for customers.




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