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2019 Large Specification Paper Packaging Technology Seminar held in Jiyuan

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On July 11, Xinxiang Xinji Chuangxin Machinery  Machinery Co., Ltd. sponsored the "2019 Large Specification Paper Packaging Technology Seminar" held in Jiyuan, Henan Province.

More than 100 guests, including industry leaders, industry experts and new clients, gathered at the conference. The scene atmosphere is warm and the response is good. It is a grand meeting of the industry and a successful grand meeting.

The event is divided into two parts: conference discussion and on-site demonstration.


Hao Jimin, general manager of Xinxiang Xinji  Chuangxin Machinery Co., Ltd., made a warm speech at the seminar. He welcomed the guests from all over the country and thanked the Herui Group for its support for the meeting. And said that the Xinji machine will bear in mind its mission, live up to the expectations of friends, and strive to shorten the distance between our large-format offset press and world famous brand offset press.


On behalf of Henan Packaging Technology Association, Mr. Zhang Daling, President of Henan Packaging Technology Association, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the representatives of printing and packaging industry from all provinces and cities in China. He said that since the early 1990s, the Xinji company  has gone through an extraordinary road step by step and made great contributions to the development of offset press in China. At present, the new large format printing press has higher technology content, higher automation, better operation stability and reliability, and many aspects have caught up with and surpassed the international advanced level.


In the afternoon, experts were invited to give lectures on lean production management system for packaging enterprises.

On-site visit: Excellent performance won good reputation



After the meeting, the on-site demonstration link is located in Herui Packing Factory, which is mainly divided into three parts: XJ145-5+1 large sheet offset press printing and plate-changing operation demonstration, the demonstration of "high-speed buckle-lifting machine" for dairy products and beverage boxes, and the demonstration of film-coating, paper-mounting and die-cutting in the back process of dairy products boxes.


The  XJ145, which was launched by Herui staff, shows the performance of the new flagship model in printing large-scale milk boxes. 

During the demonstration, the guests were deeply interested in the on-site machine performance, carefully inquired about the interesting links, and received satisfactory answers. Some customers said that they did not expect that the progress of domestic machines was so fast that they could be completely comparable to imported offset presses in some links, which gave us a more affordable choice, and they were very gratified by the rise of Chinese manufactures.


High-speed buckler machine is another newly developed category of new machine innovation. The scene exhibition area attracts the attention of many guests. The buckler has introduced the first and second generation automatic buckler for gift boxes, as well as the intelligent automatic buckler for plastic film with automatic wrapping. Among them, the gift box automatic wearing and buckling machine has passed the acceptance of Yili Company, and put into production in Henan Herui Packaging Co., Ltd.


The transmission part of the buckler is all mechanical transmission, which is stable and reliable. The commissioning of the buckler enriches the product line of the new machine, and also provides a new choice for domestic users to choose buckler.


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