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Xinji Team Development Training for Two Days

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In mid-June, the annual sales team building activity of Xinji Chuangxin was launched in beautiful Jiyuan, the legendary hometown of Yugong Mountain Moving. Unlike previous years, this year will focus on customer-centered, good customer service as the focus of this activity.



Henan Herui Packaging Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Hexing Packaging Co., Ltd. Its products are mainly processed milk boxes, beverage boxes and food boxes of well-known brands in China.

The cooperation between Xinji and Hexing can be traced back to 2012. Up to 2019, Hexing has purchased four large-format offset printers with innovative new machines. They are XJ5130, XJ5118, XJ5142 and XJ145-5+1.



The Xinji team first arrived in Henan Herui Packaging Co., Ltd. for visiting and learning, and technical exchanges. XJ145-5+1 offset press manufactured by Xinji Company has been approved by operators of  Herui  Company for its high efficiency and high quality performance.

After the visit, the two sides held a technical exchange symposium to discuss the experience of Hexing Company in using Xinji machinery and equipment for many years and the actual performance of the machine. Full interaction was made at the technical level. 


The next day, the Xinji team came to the famous Wangwu Mountain scenic spot in Jiyuan for an outward bound training and mountain climbing trip.

The allusions of Yu Gong moving mountains bear the historical spirit of advancing bravely. It tells the story of Yu Gong fearing hardships, descendants successively and digging mountains, which embodies the great spirit of the Chinese nation to advance in the face of hardships and struggle arduously. For thousands of years, the story of Yugong's moving mountains has been widely praised. The spirit of Yugong's moving mountains has also inspired the team of Xinji Company to move forward.



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