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Xinji large-format offset press has achieved good results in the middle of the year.

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Time enters the second quarter of 2019. In May, we ushered in the peak of order signing.


The sales team in front of us is constantly sending good news of contract signing, which encourages every new airplane operator to complete their work more efficiently, bring excellent machines to every contracted customer in time, and print exquisite products smoothly.

Harvest Good Word-of-mouth Creates Good Sales

In 2019, the innovation of new machines will continue to forgive its original intention and move forward. XJ145, the fifth generation of Sino-German high-end commercial lithographic printing press, continues to be the sales champion with its high cost performance, and has been earned by more and more printing factories, and has created a good reputation with its actual operation performance.


During the same period of Shanghai Expo in April, New Machine Innovation organized intentional customers to visit two color printing and packaging companies, Shengda and Lida. After on-site inspection of XJ145-5's printing site in these two companies, several customers with strong intention of cooperation, gladly reached an order agreement with the new machine, thus ushering in another wave of signing peak.

Thank you for your trust. The new machine can only be manufactured by fine workmanship to give back customers'strong support for domestic large-format offset press.

Effort and persistence in every detail

The harvest is gratifying, and progress is endless.


The production and technology departments of the new machine, in every detail, are determined to have a better solution. Whether it is a better operating stand or a more convenient installation of screws, we are constantly questioning ourselves, testing ourselves, spurring ourselves, remodeling ourselves.

Every change is for perfection.

Service: Centering on Customer Demand

We insist on cooperative development and win-win harmony. Good after-sales service is a strong guarantee to achieve this goal.

In recent years, Xinji upholds the service concept of "customer demand as the center", and provides timely maintenance services and spare parts supply for customers in accordance with national standards and contract provisions. Skilled after-sales service team has been touring the service market all over the country for many years, waiting for customers'call at any time.


All-round, all-weather service for you, efficient and timely, convenient and fast.

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