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Xinji company Participates in China International Corrugated Exhibition in 2019

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From April 8 to 11, the 2009 China International Corrugated Exhibition and Color Box Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai, and Xinji Chuangxin also went to the exhibition.


During the exhibition, we organized a lot of customers interested in understanding the large-format printing process and printing equipment, and went to Suzhou Xinji Customer Factory.

The demonstration of the fifth generation XJ145 offset press was observed on the spot.

Suzhou Shengda color printing and Suzhou Lida color printing are packaging and printing factories that mainly export packaging orders for electrical products, and their product quality requirements are also high.


Through a comprehensive survey in 2017, the two companies analyzed the pros and cons of various aspects and the cost-effective ratio, and ordered the Xinji 

Five-generation XJ145 five-color offset press.

This machine is a new product launched by the Xinji machine in full cooperation with the German offset press expert group for three years. It has been well received and completely subverted since it was put into the market.

In the live demonstration, the excellent performance of the two machines was warmly concerned by the customers. When XJ145-5 was on, the audience took it one after another.


The number of customers received during the exhibition exceeded expectations, and the two customer factories also demonstrated their advanced production and management of lottery packages through this event.

At the same time, we had a full exchange and interaction with the participants. The presentation was a great success.

Thank you once again for your strong support to this event from Suzhou Shengda Modern Packaging and Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Suzhou New District Lida Color Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd.

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