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New products, new focus! Xinji automatic pull-through and buckle machine Attracts Great Attention

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At present, most of the packaging and printing plants for food boxes, beverage boxes, dairy boxes and other products of plastic hand buttons are manually completed, time-consuming, laborious, inefficient. Is there a kind of machine that can replace manual labor in this link, and then greatly improve the efficiency of the color box production line?



In the Zhengzhou International Packaging and Printing Industry Exposition held from September 18 to September 20, the Xinji Chuangxin brought a new product - intelligent automatic buckle-wearing machine, which attracted the attention of the exhibition audience.




The machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) to realize automatic program control. The buckle is directly poured into the silo in bulk. The machine can arrange automatically, arrange automatically and convey automatically. The speed is about 80 per minute, which can realize 24-hour production all day, greatly saving manpower and material resources.

At present, the gift box automatic buttoning machine has passed the acceptance of Yili Company, and has been put into production in Ningxia Herui Packaging Co., Ltd., Henan Herui Packaging Co., Ltd. and many other packaging enterprises, and has been ordered by a number of enterprises.

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