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? Zhang daling, President of Henan Packaging Technology Association and his delegation visited Xinji company

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On December 16, Zhang daling, President of Henan Packaging Technology Association, and Li Wujun, secretary general, visited Xinxiang Xinji Chuangxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Under the background of the central economic work conference just held, Hao Jimin, general manager of Xinji Chuangxin, summarized and reviewed the economic work in 2019, introduced the important achievements of Xinji Chuangxin in this year, and analyzed and studied the economic situation of the printing and packaging industry in 2020 together with President Zhang.

In recent years, Xinji Chuangxin adheres to the concept of customer demand-oriented, while providing customers with more advanced printing machines, it focuses on the front and back line connecting equipment of the printing machine, and develops new products such as intelligent automatic threading and buckle machine that can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, which are widely welcomed by printing package customers. At the same time, Xinji launched cross industry cooperation with well-known textile enterprises, successfully launched a series of printing and dyeing machine products, further expanding the scope of service customers.

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